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Advantages Of Being A Full Time RVer

November 22nd, 2014

Decided to permanently shift your home into an RV? Ready for the adventure and challenges ahead!

Fulltimers consider their RVs as their only home. They have no fixed-foundation home to return to and therefore they need all the necessities of life contained in the RV. It is debatable how long one must commit to live in an RV to be considered a fulltimer; probably a minimum of one year is a good starting point.

In my previous article, I have made the points to help you in deciding whether full time RVing is right for you or not. This article assumes that you have read the previous article and decided to choose full time RVing. Major characteristics and advantages of full time RV lifestyle are the following:

1. You can relocate any time you wish

The activities of a fulltimer are almost the same as those living in a house. Numerous fulltimers are resigned and quit their job, and do the things that resigned people like to do – moving from one place to another, going outside for a walk, etc. There is one difference though between fulltimers and their home abiding partners: fulltimers cherish the opportunity of moving and they love the freedom to travel any time they wish. If you are an outgoing person, you would enjoy living as a full timer!

2. You can adapt any climate change

Fulltimers can live in all atmospheres, however, they try to avoid the compelling low temperatures. The equipments in an RV for full timers is generally designed to keep the people living in an RV comfortable in a more extensive scope of climate conditions, with a few models, ensuring open to living below the freezing point. Regardless of how decently protected, RV’s experience issues keeping up agreeable temperatures as the outside cools beneath solidifying. Warming expenses climb drastically as temperatures drop. If you tend to enjoy diversity in climate, then you will find good company in living as a full time RVer, whether you live in the cold streets of Minnesota or warm streets of Miami.

3. Staying in contact

Fulltimers have no consistent postage information with the exception of mail forwarding services. Persuading a liberal companion to be the mail sending administration will in the end wear on that individual and turn into a load a paid-for mail sending administration ought to be put into the financial backing. Cells are the main type of voice correspondence for the dominant part of fulltimers. Continuous access to the Internet gets to be essential for email, observing monetary records, and paying bills. If you are tired of people disturbing you through modern mean of communication, such as social networks, etc. then you will find good in living full time in an RV.

4. Housekeeping

All housekeeping undertakings must be attended to. Clothing is a week after week assignment and needs to be considered when selecting the RV. The outer surface and top of the RV needs cleaning sometimes, which can be challenging in light of the fact that most parks object to RV washing on their property. A helpful time to wash the RV is amid a move.

5. Wide choices of RVs

Full timers don’t need to live permanently in a single RV; they can change their RVs whenever they want! They even have a choice to either get Towable RV or Motorized RV. Depending on your budget, you won’t change RVs so frequently, but it will still be more frequent compared to living part time in an RV.

Overall, I think living as a full-timer is an adventurous experience which most of us miss.

Still not convinced about the advantages of being a full time RVer? Tell us the suggestion in the comments section below!