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Living in Low-Crime Neighborhood in an RV

December 11th, 2014

Feeling danger on the road in an RV? Has a fear that someone would steal your precious things in an RV?

Many people have asked me several times about the dangers of living in an RV. The most appropriate response I often give them is that we always take risks in our life. In an RV, we do have risks as well, but I would argue that the risks are low compared to living in a permanent residence, especially if you are living alone without your family.

In this article, I’m going to make points why RVing is still safer than living in a permanent residence and then I will show you the precautions that you can take to live safe-and-low-crime life in an RV.

We take risks every day

Life is brimming with dangers. House fires occur every day; yet you sleep in your house most nights. Cars are constantly involved in accidents; but you keep on driving consistently. An earthquake or meteorite could suddenly destroy the building you’re in and vanish your existence; but there you sit. When you are crossing the road, you are taking the greatest risk of your life. Keep that in mind that life is all about stresses; some are good (eustress) and some are bad (distress). Sometimes risks are the motivation to do something that seems impossible. Why obsess with something about which you don’t have any control?

Fears and Precautions

Some of the risks that we acknowledge while RVing are as follows:

1. Fear of road accident

Your house is your very RV, you live under the constant fear of road accidents, especially if you have a driving phobia, so you may avoid driving at all costs. Just try your best to dry safely on the road. Some RVs like Towable RVs are hard to drive, because they need a separate motor, while other RVs like Class A RVs are easier to drive because of their nice handling. So, if your driving skills are not on the top, you may need to choose an appropriate RV.

2. Fear of stealing of your things in an RV

The criminal wants to take your assets when you aren’t there to protect them; the petty thief steals when you’re not aware of his vicinity and the extortionist strikes when he can exploit your ignorance. To control their victims, the purse snatcher, mugger and armed robber rely upon force or fear. Whatever their mode of operation, all of these criminals select what they have determined to be an easy or vulnerable target. They move quickly and try to leave as soon as possible. Put your best efforts in eliminating holes in your security.

3. Fear of natural disasters

Who don’t fear natural disasters? It is a different story in an RV though; you have less shelter, so there is a greater chance of natural disasters destroying your precious earnings. Stay updated with the current weather of the place where you have parked your RV, so you don’t miss the bad tidings.

Did the ideas present in the article make you feel “safe”? Will you be feeling safe and sound when you travel on the road in an RV?

How To Earn Income As An RVer

December 8th, 2014

Want to do jobs as an RVer? Want to add an income stream while RVing?

You may need to earn income while you are RVing; maybe you have a family that you need to feed, or you want to pay the electricity bills. As I have already written articles on different RVs, full-time RVing and Boondocking – which kind of becomes boring, I thought to write about something new — Something readers wouldn’t think of. So, in this article, I’m going to tell you the different ways how you can earn income while you are enjoy RVing.


Employment in RV Parks

LC - Employee RV Lot

Many RV parks and campgrounds employ RVers during their busy seasons. Office work, security and maintenance are just a few examples of the types of positions available. The best part is that these jobs are available during the most pleasant time of the year. RVers can find work in the north during the summer and in the south during the winter. Some sites even list the available jobs. See if you can get your dream job.


Money In exhange of free campsite


Many free campsites are provided in exchange for a given amount of work. Others offer both a pay and camping area. The job opportunities in most RV parks and campgrounds are usually for couples, but singles are hired as well. Compensation often includes a free campsite with hookups and a salary commensurate with the type and amount of work you will be doing. Most of these jobs are temporary or seasonal in nature, so you will have a lot of chance to enjoy your RV travels between jobs.


Temporary Employment Market 


An alternative way for finding the work is the temporary employment market. Today’s temporary employment agencies fill more than simply administrative and office positions. Today’s temp positions are men and ladies of all ages who work in every possible field. You will discover temporary employment agencies filling positions for engineers, nurses, draftsmen, accountants, bank employees, assembly-line workers, executives, pharmacists and a host of trades and professions. You can try to find job opportunities in Workamper News. The site is devoted to finding legitimate jobs for RVers. It is loaded with classified ads placed by employers who are looking for RVers to fill their job openings.